Saturday, September 6, 2014

PL 3/14: Plans from Cape Town

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Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science in Norway (OAUC) and Cape Peninsula University of Technology in South Africa (CPUT) can best be described as professional, or polytechnic, universities.

Both are quite young institutions. Both were created by an integration of several different institutions devoted to professional training rather than traditional academic study.

The libraries at OAUC and CPUT have a shared interest in staff development, elearning and new library roles. We started to collaborate in this area last year, when a colleague from CPUT attended a LATINA workshop in Oslo. LATINA, which stands for Learning and Teaching in a Digital World, is a practice-oriented development and training program for e-learning within the OAUC library.

This spring, two elearning experts from CPUT followed the LATINA on-line course and one of them also attended the subsequent two week LATINA workshop in Oslo.

We are expanding cooperation in the next academic year. This week CPUT organized a small planning workshop in Cape Town. Three persons from OAUC, including the library director, worked with library staff from CPUT, also including the library director, to plan several events in 2015.

These are linked to the up-and-coming world conference of libraries (WLIC) in August 2015, when a great number of librarians from Africa and other continents will be gathered in Cape Town. The draft plan comprises:

  • a two-day joint seminar (25 persons?) between staff from the two libraries, but with room for a handful of colleagues from other libraries, immediately after WLIC (Thursday-Friday). The main focus will be new library roles,
  • a two-day workshop on library analytics (fact-based library management and advocacy) – with special reference to academic libraries in Africa, just after WLIC (Friday-Saturday)
  • a six-day LATINA workshop (15-25 persons), with instructors from both institutions, the week after WLIC (Monday-Saturday)

Distance learning

These face-to-face events will also have strong distance learning (on-line) components.

  • The Thursday to Friday seminar will be developed by “cross-country” teams from the two libraries.
  • The Friday to Saturday workshop will ask participants to complete a brief on-line course on Library analytics in Africa. The course (15 hours of work?) will be developed in cooperation with colleagues in South Africa and launched by mid-spring 2015.  For background, see SAFARI.
  • Participants in the LATINA workshop must complete a 12-14 week open on-line course on e-learning during the spring. The OOC 2015 will be a revised version of the course launched this year (LATINA OOC 2014).

The collaboration between CPUT and OAUC takes place within PedX, a growing network of libraries and universities that are interested in exploring the innovative, practical, small-scale, flexible and affordable approach to e-learning and open on-line teaching that is typical of LATINA.










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