Monday, October 1, 2012

PL 40/12: Stimulate the glands

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Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences publishes several open access e-journals.

One of them is called Reconceptualizing Educational Research Methodology (RERM)As a teacher of statistics and social science methods I am interested in new approaches to research. But several of the articles read more like streams-of-consciousness than scientific prose. Even the titles are incomprehensible.

Last year the author wrote a doctoral thesis on the potential of the mobile phone as a pedagogic tool in a senior secondary technical school. But he felt that some philosophical issues had been sidelined in the process.

  • An articulation and elaboration of this underlying tension between the philosophical and the practical only became possible after the work was completed.

The rhapsodic paper ends with an (In) Conclusion:

  • At best, the hope for both my dissertation and these reflections is that they stimulate the glands and lubricate the tracts to produce an appetite for some tasty methodological morsels that might otherwise lie buried, or hidden, in the familiar fields of qualitative empirical research in education.
  • …  our re-search stands to be emboldened and enriched by a process that pays more attention to “the images in the ideas, the fantasies in the facts, the dreams in the reasons, the myths in the meanings, the archetypes in the arguments, and the complexes in the concepts” (Romanyshyn, 2007, p.12).
  • This might not, in the short term, help to secure more research dollars … [TH: that is probably true]

  • It might, however, create a new edge, or some fresh friction to quicken our spirits, arouse the Trickster from his/her slumber, stir the gut, enliven our work, or send us spiralling into the slipstream of pure thought and more desirable, unknown futures.

Or is all this a joke by the Trickster himself, puncturing the pretense and pomposity of much academic writing?

Slip-sliding away, slip-sliding away …




The Orphic moment

This website is devoted to the task of nurturing the birth of a new collective dream of the soul …

  • It is a website devoted to anamnesis, to the difficult but necessary work of un-forgetting, a work that requires journeys of return, re-collection and re-membrance.
  • Individually and collectively we are awakening to our condition of being orphans in exile and to the vocation to begin the journey of homecoming.
  • It is the Orphic moment of the soul, which opens one to the aesthetic truths of the heart, to those reasons of the heart that reason does not know.

From Robert Romayshyn’s web site.


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