Thursday, August 23, 2012

PL 36/12: Unevenly distributed

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The future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed. (William Gibson, 1993).

As an IFLA 2.0 enthusiast, I’ve collected sixteen examples from the IFLA corner of the world:

Five facts

  1. There are lots of nice pictures from IFLA at the organization’s flickr account
  2. IFLA President Ingrid Parent and President-Elect Sinikka Sipilä have just started to Twitter
  3. Fiona Bradley at IFLA HQ reports from the BSLA project in Semantic Library (blog). She started blogging in 1999 …
  4. At this year’s IFLACamp in Hämeenlinna all tweets were projected on the big screen in the main meeting room
  5. The flickr pix are not CC, however – so they can not be reused by the IFLA community without applying for and being granted permission …

Six more

  1. The recent history of the New Professionals SIG is documented at LIS Traveler, Sebastian Wilke’s blog. In German.
  2. The IFLA blog platform has not established itself as a blog community: low frequency of posting and very little discussion
  3. The President-Elect’s Planning Session was livestreamed – and took place at smaller tables (to encourage dialogue)
  4. This year’s IFLA Express had its main articles in the middle of the web page – and open (non-edited) RSS streams on both sides: blogs to the left and tweets to the right.
  5. Comment buttons (and hashtags) encourage discussion – as the interview with Ann Okerson shows.
  6. All tweets with the hashtags #wlic2012 and #iflacamp have now been archived for posterity – by the New Professionals …

Final five

  1. The IFLA World Report has a nice map-based interface
  2. The current design of the IFLA Web Site has improved, but remains rather staid (“square”, old-fashioned)
  3. The Statistics for Advocacy project has been documented through more than sixty posts – some in Spanish
  4. The hashtag #stronglibraries made it easy to follow – and to participate – in the discussion
  5. The communications working group from Section 4 will be chatting at #ifladial …


  1. Markets everywhere. “Damer søker menn” står det nederst på denne bloggposten. Det er vel i Bakvendtland…

    Comment by Helge — Thursday, August 23, 2012 @ 4:25 pm

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