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PL 2/12: LATINA courses in 2012

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LATINA is an international training program aimed at librarians, students, teachers and other professionals who want to develop their digital skills and understanding.

Picture: students from LATINA Summer 2010.

This summer we are offering two courses:

  • a two week course in Kampala, Uganda, in cooperation with the Makerere University Library (June 18-29)
  • a three week course in Oslo, as part of the HiOA International Summer School (July 2-20)

Recruitment for the Oslo course has already started – see LATINA Summer 2012 for details. Application details for the Kampala course will be announced in February – at LATINA in Africa 2012 and other web sites.

Active learning

The LATINA courses are conducted by the LATINA Lab, which is part of the Learning Centre and Library at Oslo and Akershus University College (HiOA). The Lab develops, demonstrates and provides intensive training in teaching and learning metods that are based on the current state of – and emerging trends in – user-oriented ICT. We adapt our training to the participants, institutions and countries we work with.

The LATINA approach is not lecture based, but centered on student, group and production activities. We emphasize the importance of team-work between teachers as will as between students or participants. We prefer to work with people and institutions that are committed to strategic development work over several years.

Cloud, touch, multi-media

We generally use software that is free and widely used. Our work is increasingly web-based, cloud-based and multi-media oriented. We access, produce, edit and curate resources through a variety of devices, such as portable computers, touch tablets and mobile phones. The materials we develop before and during our courses are normally published on the open web with a CC license (allows free re-use for non-commercial purposes).

The Kampala course will be directed by Tord Høivik, associate professor in library and information science at HiOA. The Oslo course will be directed by Helge Høivik, professor in e-learning at HiOA.

About HiOA

Oslo and Akershus University College is the third largest higher education institution in Norway (16.000 students, 1.600 staff). It has several doctoral and many master programmes.

By normal European standards HiOA is a full-fledged university (aimed at professions like teaching, nursing, engineering, social work, librarianship, journalism, ….). By formal Norwegian standards, however, it is a “university college”. It is likely to achieve formal university status in three to five years.

Statistics for Advocacy

Statistics for Advocacy (SFA) is a brief training course (1 or 2 days) in library statistics. The course was developed by the IFLA Statistics and Evaluation Section as part of IFLA’s BSLA Program: Building Strong Library Associations. The development work was coordinated by Tord Høivik. In Uganda, we hope to organize a one day SFA course, based on the LATINA approach to learning, during the week June 11-15. Application details will be announced before Easter – at the blog Global Statistics for Advocacy.

Tord Høivik will also give a practical workshop on library statistics at the SCECSAL conference in Nairobi, Jun 4-8, 2012.




IFLA regional offices

Social magazines
(from Helge Høivik ++)

A variety of program are available to convert RSS streams into digital magazine or newspaper formats:

Flipboard (W) is the best one (HH), but only works with iOs/Apple.


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