Sunday, October 16, 2011

PL 61/11: Report from the innovation front

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Doug Belshaw says

– I go to quite a few conferences and see a lot of people present.

Can I ask you a favour if you present at conferences? Put your contact details (especially your Twitter name) on your first slide and provide links on your slides (using or similar, if necessary) to the things you mention. If you can get them up on Slideshare before you start talking, even better.

Plinius says

I support Doug.

Dialogue means mutual attention: conversation framed by reason. Information overload is a myth. Our problem is a deficit of dialogue.



Geert Lovink … was interesting in the way that he pointed towards the future of the book (another emerging theme of the conference).

  • The Institute he works for is now producing only digital books becuase of the rise of self-publishing services such as and print-on-demand machines such as Espresso.
  • In conjunction with the Baker HTML5 ebook framework and Google’s Sigil (WYSIWYG ebook editor) the future of publishing is democratic.
  • Perhaps the most interesting part of Geert’s talk was his statement that the peer review system is “corrupt to its core”.
  • He believes, obviously very passionately, that the current peer review system is destructive of self-esteem and make private and anonymous something that should be out in the open.
  • The dialogue before an article or book is published should be as available as the work itself.
  • Although he didn’t use it, the analogy that sprang to my mind was the ‘Talk’ page attached to every Wikipedia article.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting this for your readers! It was a great conference. :-)

    Comment by Doug Belshaw — Monday, October 17, 2011 @ 5:53 am

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