Sunday, October 2, 2011

PL 56/11: Twitter in Palestine

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A growing number of teachers are integrating Twitter into their learning environments.

At our recent training course in Ramallah, we gave a brief introduction to Twitter. We showed the participants how to set up their own Twitter accounts and how to subscribe to the twitter streams of people they found interesting.

We also suggested that participants should write at least three twitter posts per week for the next eight  seven weeks (before we meet again in Oslo). The proposal was accepted by the groupt. Some wanted a higher limit, but I argued that a low hurdle is better than a high one when people are new to blogging. People are of course welcome to write as much as they like …

On Monday October 3 we arrange the first of four online sessions linking Oslo, Gaza and the West Bank. As part of that, I’ll do a brief follow-up session on Twitter.

To understand the role of Twitter in this tense region, I have started to subscribe to a range of twitter streams from Gaza, the West Bank and Israel. This helps me follow the news, both political and academic, as seen by different actors.


My slide show presentation on October 3.


In a classroom a twenty minute session on Twitter could look like this:

A. Introduction (3 mins)

  • Twitter. LATINA Fall 2011.
  • Plinious. This page gives access to my own twitter posts
  • Plinius. Plinius is my ordinary WordPress blog. The most recent twitter posts I have written are shown in the right margin.

B. Discussion (5 mins)

  • What is your personal experience with Twitter so far?

C. Exercise (7 mins)

  • Establish (or log in to) your own Twitter account
  • Go to Who to follow
  • Search for “teaching Palestine”. You will find hundreds of people/organizations
  • Select/Follow three that may be useful for your academic work
  • Search for “research Gaza”. You will find hundreds …
  • Select/Follow three …

After class, you may for instance

  • Click on the icon/picture of one of the new accounts you now follow
  • Start reading his/her twitter posts


  • Search for an academic topic that interests you (computers, chemistry, China, ….)
  • Select some that may be useful for your academic work
  • Start reading the twitter posts

D. Next step (5 mins)

  • Start writing, like Zaher, Ihsan
  • Try hashtags (#xxxxx) to aggregate twitter posts



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