Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PL 44/11: IFLA blogs by language

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This year, IFLA has upgraded it support to those who blog and twitter about the conference.

The new IFLA Express  site includes a stream of blog posts (right margin – 56 so far) and a stream of Twitter messages (left margin – innumerable). I thought it could be useful to categorize the blogs by language:






  1. Lars Egeland: Solskinn og brød og ånd
  2. Tord Høivik: Plinius


  1. Antonio Calderón Rehecho: La biblioteca informa al bibliotecario
  2. Balbina J. Rojas Sánchez: SUAGM Info C@t
  3. Juan José Prieto Gutiérrez: BiblogTecarios
  4. Santiago Villegas-Ceballos: MedeJean


  1. Jean-Philippe Accart: Jean-Philippe Accart
  2. Lourdine Altidor Marsan: ID-Actus
  3. Antonin Benoît Diouf: SENBIBDOC
  4. Emmanuelle Bermes: Figoblog
  5. le Blog du Cfibd: Cfibd : le blog
  6. Kabou Kambou Kadio: Fasoinfodoc
  7. Dominique Lapierre: IFLA 2011 – Bibliothèque de l’Université Laval
  8.  Silvère Mercier: Bibliobsession


  1. Loida Garcia-Febo: Information New Wave
  2. Annamarie Goosen:  LIASA blog
  3. Stuart Hamilton: Stuart’s blog
  4. Naomi Haasbroek: LIASA blog
  5. Donald T. Hawkins: The Conference Circuit
  6. Michael Heaney: Conference blogs
  7. Tord Høivik: Pliny
  8. Catharina Isberg: Catharinas blogg
  9. Jack Leong: IFLA – MCultP Blog
  10. Peter Lor: Peter Johan Lor
  11. Shima Moradi: Shima Moradi’s blog
  12. Julia Mvunelwa: LIASA blog
  13. Wilda Bowers Newman: Social Science Libraries
  14. Gaël Revelin: 24 hour library people
  15. Loriene Roy: Loriene Roy’s Blog
  16. J. K. Vijayakumar: LIBINFOSPACE
  17. Sebastian Wilke: LIS Traveler | IFLA NPSIG
  18. Hannah Winkler: Global Librarianship

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