Saturday, August 6, 2011

PL 35/11: Explore and process

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The organization of library statistics differ from country to country.

Mapping, using and comparing such statistics is often time-consuming. Since I have an interest in comparative statistics, I have tried to document my own work in this field. The basic idea is simple. When I study Norwegian, or German, or Rumanian statistics, I must spend some time to explore the statistical system and additional time to process some of the data.

If I publish my map and my processed data on the web, others can build on that. The map may be sketchy and the data may be limited, but a small slice of the pizza is better than nothing. Some relevant statistics from neighbouring fields – like media, culture and education – may also be included. What I have done so far is available at Plinius Data.

I also write occasional blog posts on global statistics. Since 2007 about ninety posts have been written in English. You find links to these posts at Plinius on statistics.



Academic and special libraries

Public libraries

The KOSTRA data base is the main source of comparative municipal statistics in Norway. KOSTRA is a vast and technically advanced system run by Statistics Norway, our central statistical agency. It includes data on public libraries, which are funded and run by the municipalities.  The library field is represented by thirteen variables, which give a fair (but not full) coverage of its main aspects.

2010 KOSTRA data with indicators


The National Library released the complete public library spreadsheet for 2009 in mid-2011. Selected variables are presented here:



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