Friday, October 8, 2010

PL 70/10: Books from Uganda

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In Kampala I bought a few books on teaching, learning and libraries. They are listed here:

  1. Asiimwe, Akiiki. Community mobilization skills. Kampala: Fountain Publishers/Makerere University. – 53 pp.
  2. Fountain integrated primary science. Pupil’s book 5. Kampala: Fountain, 2003. – 238 pp.
  3. Fun at home and at school. Kampala: Fountain, 2009. – 30 pp.
  4. Lamwaka, Beatrice. Anena’s victory. Kampala: Fountain, 2009. – 50 pp. (Fountain Junior Living Youth Series)
  5. Magara, Elisam. Developing a career in library and information science. A handbook for schools of library and information science. Kampala: Fountain, 2010. – 206 p.
  6. Miirima, Henry Ford. How to acquire an insatiable thirst for a reading culture. Kampala: Henry Ford Miirima, 2010. – 154 pp.
  7. Mununura, Joseph et al. MK integrated primary science. Pupil’s book 1. Kampala: MK publishers, 2001. – 83 pp.
  8. Muwanga, Nansozi K. et al. Literacy practices in primary schools in Uganda: Lessons for future interventions. Kampala: Fountain, 2007. – 180 p.
  9. Parry, Kate (ed.). Language and literacvy in Uganda. Towards a sustainable reading culture. Kampala: Fountain, 2000. – 117 pp.
  10. Parry, Kate (ed.).  Teaching reading in African schools.  Kampala: Fountain, 2005. – 336 pp. (= International reading association. Literacy for All in Africa, vol. 1)
  11. Sicherman, Carol. Becoming an African university. Makerere 1922-2000. Kampala: Fountain publishers, 2006. – 416 pp. Excellent.

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