Sunday, July 11, 2010

PL 43/10: Three switches

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Fields need gatekeepers.

Gatekeepers watch the environment, collect relevant news, extract their meaning and repackage them for loocal consumption.

In the library field, Lorcan Dempsey is one of my favorite gatekeepers. I liked this piece from June 13:

Consumer switch
Then: More investment in business/education environments.
Now: More investment in consumer environments.

It used to be the case that the computer and communications capacities we had at work or in college exceeded those available to us in personal or family settings. Now this is no longer the case. Consumer sites like Amazon … set expectations for services …  educational and work settings now often lag the consumer space

Workflow switch
Then: Expect workflows to be built around my service.
Now: Build services around workflows

Much of our information creation and use is now carried out on the network…. while users may once have built their workflows around the library, now, the library needs to consider how to build its services around the user workflow …

Attention switch
Then: Resources scarce; attention abundant.
Now: Attention scarce; resources abundant.

Library users now have many opportunities to meet their information needs, and they have many demands on their attention. No single site is the sole focus of attention and convenience is important.


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