Wednesday, July 7, 2010

PL 39/10: Further steps in blogging

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Blogging is not a typical academic subject.

I was introduced to blogging six years ago, at the first  Digital and Social Conference in Bergen. There we got half an hour of training. I liked the tool – and went on learning through practice.

That is true for most bloggers, I believe. People who grow up with computers do not need formal training in order to master the new social tools. Web sites from WordPress, Facebook, Flickr and all the other social media are designed to be self- explanatory. They all have extensive FAQs and Help pages.

Learners without teachers

The users help each other. If you face a technical problem, you will usually find the answer by a Google search.

Formal instruction can sometimes speed up the process. But normally we have to learn by ourselves as we go along – just in time rather than just in case.

At the LATINA course, blogs were introduced nine days ago. All participants now have quite a bit of experience – and  it may be useful to present some additional tips, techniques and possibilities.

We need not spend more than 20-30 minutes giving such an overview, I feel. At this stage, detailed introductions are hardly needed. Participants have spent several hours using WordPress already, and do not need additional step-by-step recipes.

Once they know what is possible, they can figure out the details by themselves, by asking their fellow students or by searching the web for instructions.

Possible topics

  • The writing tool
  • Pages versus posts
  • Page order
  • Google Reader
  • Choosing themes
  • Choosing widgets
  • Tags and categories
  • Visitor statistics
  • Protected blog posts
  • Protected blogs
  • Microblogging (Twitter)
  • Multiple authors



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