Tuesday, July 6, 2010

PL 38/10: Habit or homework

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Gradually, the students at LATINA start to explore how they can use their blogs.

In LATINA we use a combination of WordPress blogs and Google tools as our main learning platform. During the first week everybody got a gmail account and set up their own blogs. The next step is to apply these tools in learning and teaching – and see what can be learnt from the experience.

The first step was simple: you just had to push the right buttons. The second step is harder: participants have to communicate – to become visible – in a new and unfamiliar medium.

We encourage people to blog every day  – to establish blogging as a habit (during the course) rather than homework. I have been encouraged by several thoughtful posts this week – and select a few quotes that show “educational blogging in practice”:

Tanks and shooting

It was the amazing lesson!

Don’t want to upset the other lecturers, I really love their lectures, but it’s kind of compliment for Heidi who did the amazing and interesting lecture today. Perhaps for the first time in this course I didn’t want to have any breaks …

And finally the fiction story that I happened to share with a student from Palestine. Once again I was visited by that feeling how lucky I am to live in Lithuania.

…  the student shared with me the very truth to reality story about tanks and shooting. The things that are so common for them, that don’t leave them neither in a dream, nor in the distance far away from home.

What a terrible reality it is…

Fathers and babies

I want to make a story about the fathers look after the babies in Norway. I am very surprised that there were many fathers who take care the babies.

In China,it is the mothers’ responsibility to look after the babies. We can see seldom that the father take the babies in China.

The devil tempted me

We were supposed to imagine a story and we were saying words following each other … . It was sort of reading each others mind and place a word that would suite what they had just said. Very interesting indeed. …

Heidi further told us about the four characters of story telling which are Hero, Bad, Problem and Place.

… I got four characters i.e God as hero, devil as bad, place as room and a shoe that hurts a leg as the problem. From my analysis out of the above character I formed a story which was

“The devil tempted me and chose a shoe that hurt my leg in this room but God saved me…..”

Blog experiments

I am not saying that everyone ought to blog. Classes are structured learning processes for groups of people (traditionally called students). In classes, everyone should be encouraged to share – their views, their discoveries and their own productions. Blogs simply represent one way of sharing.

Personally, I have found blogs very useful in my own work as a teacher and consultant. At LATINA, we invite teachers and learners to experiment with blogging before they decide whether to continue or not.

Below I have collected my own reflections about blogging since 2008. I also include a few blog posts about LATINA as such.


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