Tuesday, May 4, 2010

PL 15/10: New roles for regional libraries

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In Cracow we visited the impressive – and friendly – Malopolski Instytut Kultury (MIK).

I need to find out more about the relationship between MIK and Project 18. But I note that the Institute has written substantial posts on the project in its blog Badania w kulturze [Research on culture].

The two workshop meetings are covered in

Some quotes from the post on Cracow:

Rajski street

The latest meeting of Project 18 took place in Cracow at the Provincial Public Library on Rajski street.

This was the second strategic workshop of all provincial libraries in Poland.  The meetings are meant to draw up long-term development strategies for the individual libraries. There was an interesting discussion on the role of the provincial library thanks to the presence of so many managers of provincial libraries and of guests – representatives of regional libraries in Norway and ABM experts.

According to Google Translate, the meeting took place in Paradise. That is too flattering. It was a good meeting, but not a celestial one.

The explanation is simple, however: raj is the Polish word for paradise.

Dilemmas of development

This discussion focused on the dilemmas of development:

  • Whether (and how) to develop the provincial libraries as institutions with expanded regional responsibilities?
  • Can the provincial libraries also take on development support as a task?

The second task has been a key issue in the recent Norwegian library reform.

In the case of Poland, most choose the first path. This lies in their traditi0n and their infrastructures. Most of the provincial libraries in their current form are very important for the cities in which they operate. This direction is also confirmed by investments in buildings, in the operational library and the computer equipment. Perhaps the solution to the dilemma would be a separation of the saupport centres from the operational libaries – using the centres to create a network of libraries in developing regions?

The discussion continues.

Three more items

There were three additional items of the agenda:

  • Tord Hoivik presented a Norwegian methodology for monitoring and evaluating the activities of libraries and programs for the development of library statistics – see the blog Global statistics for advocacy.
  • Joanna Orlik presented Malopolska Cultural Institute as an institution of cultural development in the region,
  • Tone Moseid presented the results of a small survey based on questions posed by the Polish partners to the Norwegians, and by the Norwegian partners to the Polish participants in the project.

The full agenda for the meeting is here.

Translated by Tord Høivik – with a little bit of help from Google Translate ;-)


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