Tuesday, January 5, 2010

PL 3/10: IFLA and LATINA

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I look forward to 2010.

Most of my teaching now takes place in the LATINA/lab – which means  that both I and my students can take the web for granted. We can explore the possibilities a fully digital environment opens.

The year that passed involved a fair amount of LATINA-based teaching:

  • a full term course for European library and Chinese media students in the spring
  • our regular three week summer course in June and July
  • an in-service course for Norwegian museum pedagogues in the autumn – I am now doing the final evaluation of their work

In November we also organized a supervised trainee program for five Erasmus Mundus students. Quite a bit of work – but very good people to work with.

The year to come will involve less teaching – and I will spend the rest of my time swimming, dancing and drinking Daiquiris in the sunny Caribbean.

Maybe. Or maybe not.


There will, as usual, be a LATINA summer course in July, but nothing course-like has been planned for the spring or the autumn. I definitely want to write more. Blogging will continue – but I also look forward to  combining many scattered ideas into more extensive arguments.

After a fruitful workshop at IFLA HQs in Utrecht in December, I have to organize teaching materials for the up-and-coming pilot course on statistics for advocacy in May. The course project is part of IFLA’s new competence building program for libarary associations. The Statistics and Evaluation Section plans a second full-day pilot  during the Gothenburg conference (August 10-15).

In Oslo, I teach in a new professional doctorate program for librarians – and give the occasional lecture for bachelor students. But since I’ve taught more than normal for a couple of years, I can now focus more on research, development and professional writing. Or Daiquiris in the sun – surrounded by a few history books.

Sounds good to me.




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  1. Happy New Year Professor.

    I see that you have quite busy calendar also for this year. You did a lot of very good work with Erasmus Mundus Students. We are very grateful for the possibility to have our internship in LATINA LAB.
    For this New Year I wish you less hours in front of the laptop and more…. “time swimming, dancing and drinking Daiquiris in the sun – surrounded by a few history books”….

    Comment by Lidia — Thursday, January 7, 2010 @ 10:14 pm

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