Saturday, November 28, 2009

PL 67/09: Learning by blogging

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Our LATINA trainees are working hard and learning fast.

The whale is from Adelaide- and Lidia’s post tells why.

I have asked Lidia, from Poland, to be “in charge of” their blogging – which means to respond, reflect and motivate rather than handing out tasks. She wrote a very interesting post about her experiences during the last four weeks — and here is my comment:

– I think you are doing exactly what you “should” be doing: using the blog as a ladder. Everybody has to start from wherever they happen to be.

Since we document our thinking and feeling, we can go back and build on the past. We also see the change in our own way of dealing with things over time – learning in action, so to speak. More steps on the ladder ….

When I blog, I know it will be read by some dozens or hundreds of people – and that the text will remain on the web. That helps me take myself a bit more serioously – without becoming serious about it …

Blogs represent a new – and highly flexible – literary form. Like poetry, for that matter. Or song. We don’t learn singing by five years of reading, listening and writing – and then bursting into O Sole Mio after the final examination. We find – and develop – our voice by using it.

Paper (or rather publishers) separate training (writing drafts) and and public presentation. The web removes the technical barrier to immediate publication. As blog writers we become our own publishers – and should be aware of that.

We can use publicity to write – and to think through writing – in a more disciplined (not rigid) way – and select the degree of intimacy we want,



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