Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PL 52/09: Beyond the bubble

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Systematic professional use of empirical data innocentiis a crucial component of modern librarianship.

The 8th Northumbria conference is held in  Istituto degli Innocenti – designed by Brunelleschi – one of the greatest Renaissance architects.

In the library field, academic and special libraries have generelly been more “number friendly” than the public library sector. Now the PL sector is beginning to catch up.

As a library statistician, I am deeply interested in both sectors. Both types of libraries need good statistics and good analyses of statistics to influence their owners and paymasters.  Public library statistics have a second dimension, however. Public libraries are community organizations – and can play important roles in local and regional development.

To grasp these external relationships,  public library statistics must go beyond the “library bubble” and be coupled with statistics (and other data) from the communities they serve. This is beginning to happen.



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