Friday, August 14, 2009

PL 50/09: Memory of the Netherlands

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horseMeasuring the demand for culture on the web has just started.

One significant result has come from the Netherlands: the use of the general culture portal – Memory of the Netherlands – is surprisingly low. In a survey of the adult population, 23 percent had visited (at least once) during the last year – while only 2 percent had visited Memory of the Netherlands:


  • web site of a local library: 27%
  • (public libraries): 23%
  • Looked at cultural heritage objects on the internet: 19%
  • (monuments): 11%
  • (archives): 10%
  • CDR/ (public libraries, music portal): 4%
  • Memory of the Netherlands (combined): 2%

Most striking is that the combined Memory of the Netherlands portal, which provides information from libraries, archives and museums/monumental sites alike, receives much less attention than the portals for the specific institutions.

Source: Trilce Navarrete Hernandez & Frank Huysmans. Digital cultural heritage in the Netherlands: collecting statistics on production, investments, and use


The Memory of the Netherlands is a project of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, the National Library of the Netherlands, that is responsible for digitising important sources of the Netherlands’ cultural heritage. The website offers easy access to more than twenty digital collections from an equal number of heritage institutions.

The website also has an educational section. Here secondary school teachers will find lesson ideas based on the digital collections. The material to be digitised includes illustrations, written material, sound and moving pictures.

The Memory of the Netherlands is aimed at two groups: – a broad audience of people interested in history and culture; – students and teachers in secondary schools.


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