Monday, July 6, 2009

PL 42/09: Transparent and open

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ford truck– “The Ford Story is a recently launched site committed to making Ford’s progress towards getting new high-quality, fuel-efficient cars, and trucks on the road today transparent and open.

The site is completely powered by WordPress and uses WordPress as a CMS to deliver a wide variety of static content, videos, photos, and dynamic updates. …

Our vision for social media is to connect consumers with the people of Ford and to allow them to connect with each other, providing value along the way.

We hope that as we turn The Ford Story into the social media hub for the company that this is clearer than ever. We know that WordPress is a widely respected, well-known, and community-developed platform in the social media space. It means that we’re more closely aligned with current trends and Web technologies …”


United Nations University

“We were excited when we found out United Nations University, a think tank for the UN system,  had decided to use WordPress to power its OurWorld 2.0 web site.

The OurWorld 2.0 site is designed to create a conversation around the question “What can we do when faced with complex, inter-connected and pressing problems like climate change, oil depletion and food security?” …

The site uses WordPress to create mini-sites for its three themes (Climate, Oil, Food) as well as to provide more more general navigation and content such as search and the project’s about page. The developers behind the OurWorld 2.0 site use a variety of publicly available and internally developed plugins to get the most out of their WordPress installation. …

OurWorld 2.0 is rich in quality, well designed content and serves as a great example of an innovative organization using WordPress in a unique way.”


WordPress traffic

In May (source):

  • 2.1 million WordPress blogs were visited at least once
  • The visitors added 8.6 million comments – or about four comments per active blog
  • A total of 2.450 million pages were downloaded – or about 120 pages per active blog
    • Half came from
    • Half came from self-hosted blogs (like the LATINA Summer blog, which is hosted in Oslo)

Big and small

There are lots of blogs out there. But the average WordPress blog is not widely read. One hundred and twenty pageviews a month corresponds to four pageviews a day.

The English version of Plinius does somewhat better than the average: 760 pageviews in May – or twentyfive pageviews a day. The Norwegian version of Plinius got about six times as much traffic, however.

Amazing musical mash-up



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