Thursday, July 2, 2009

PL 39/09: Big change in 2009

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2009Earlier this year I wrote in my Norwegian blog that 2009 would be a turning point.

We have had digital technologies for a long time, but now they turn mobile and social – and become a normal part of everyday life. Schools, colleges and universities are forced to ask:

  • shall we try to keep these tools away from our classes (and teach as before) – or
  • should we try to integrate them – and change teaching (and learning) accordingly

At the moment, most teachers only give the web a limited role. In the near future (Norway: 5 years?) I believe, they won’t have a choice.

The students on the one hand, and the authorities on the other, will not accept that normal communication tools outside school should be forbidden or heavily restricted inside schools.

But the transition from 2009 till 2014 will be full of discussions and struggles.

Below I reproduce some paragraphs from the Norwegian posting

A lively year

Two thousand and nine will be a lively year. The world changes. Two-zero starts to bite.

The transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 means that the differences between the old industrial society and the new knowledge society become deeper and sharper. In the previous phase, Web 1.0, ICT was used within traditional structures: the new wine was poured into old bottles

In 2.0 ICT is transforming structures.

Tension shows itself first and foremost when people with different practices try to implement something together. As long as we act individually, we can discuss 1.0 and 2.0 vigorously – så fillene fyker, as we say in Norwegian.

But these disputes have no practical consequences, since we each operate within our own reality.

In my personal life, the tension between 1.0 and 2.0 appears when we do things together:

  • organize a meeting,
  • create a marketing plan,
  • design a website,
  • plan a course,
  • prepare a project,
  • document the work of a committee,
  • etc. etc

Then we must choose between ways of working –  between a 1.0 way and a 2.0 way to do things.

How shall we, for example, share information? 1.0 people send documents as attachments to e-mail – in Word or PDF, while 2.0 people share files (in HTML) via Google Docs and other community tools.

The alternatives are not symmetric. Those who work in a 2.0 mode come from 1.0. We are fully able to work on the “old way”. But we experience the old tools as slow, cumbersome and ineffective.

Source: Norwegian Plinius


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