Monday, June 29, 2009

PL 38/09: A story from Spain

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sevillaToday LATINA turned to stories.

I’d like to share with you a small story told by another LATINA student. Her name is Clara. She comes from Spain and participated in our spring course.

Picture from Sevilla.

Like all LATINA participants, Clara wrote a blog. She studies librarianship – and called her blog Librarians in Trouble

But since she is fond of writing, she also started a blog in Spanish. This she called Bibliotecarios en Apuros – which actaully means the same thing. In one of her Spanish blog posts she reflects on what she has learnt at LATINA. I have taken parts of that text and turned it into English – using Google Translate and a bit of post-editing (leaving some Spanish expressions in place).


Hola a tod@s
[Hi, everybody]

I travel a few days and now I meet a considerable cold, but I would like to dedicate a little comment on an International Festival that will take place in Seville from 22 to 28 March 2009, come in a few weeks.

The title of the Festival is Expanded Education: Education may occur at any time, any place. I find it really interesting topic and the approach new educational opportunities. For a sample:

“The Educommunication concept goes beyond education.

It redefines education – basing it on social communication – and combines it with science and creativity to develop a third culture on the web. Here, the follwing aspects are especially important: design thinking, the concept of laboratory space working process, the dissolution of boundaries between professional and amateur, innovation as an engine of knowledge and the procomún [the shared space, the commons] as a research tool and interface. “

It’s pretty funny how I feel fully identified with this definition.

I feel identified through the development of the two blogs, Librarians in trouble, and its English version, Librarians in Troubles

  • Why is it called in the 3rd culture, the culture of the network?
  • Because obviously my blogs are dissolving the boundaries between amateur and professional.
  • Anyone can create and publish content, you do not need any kind of title or formal status for doing so
    • [no es necesario ninguna clase de titulo o reconocimiento].
  • And I just jumped in and started to create content without rhyme or reason.
  • Because the spirit of my projects on digital libraries is based on “putting into the commons in order to learn and to educate”.
  • I use the materials as references.
    • Those who read them use them as a point of access to information.
  • You also get to hear my personal opinion, which is also a source of knowledge.

In addition, the Festival seems very complete and accurate, combining seminars, conferences and workshops, or media-lab. …

I do not know, maybe what I like about the festival and its creators is the creativity with which they do and have seen that are based on breaking barriers, both physical and mental and psychological, as to what is culture, art and knowledge, in our times. I find it more rewarding and it inspires me.




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  1. Hi Plinius!
    How are you? I hope you´re better now. I´m enjoying my family, friends and summer here in Spain. I have just finished my degree and finally I decided study a master in Salamanca, called “Sistemas de Información Digital” the next course.
    Thanks a lot for your words, I have to continue working in my blogs! I´m in vacation stop!
    See you and thanks!

    Comment by claesju — Tuesday, June 30, 2009 @ 9:31 am

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