Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PL 34/09: Twelve days to go

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latinastudentsOn Monday June 22, LATINA starts up again.

LATINA students browsing in the OUC Learning Centre.

The first LATINA course was held last summer, as part of the first International Summer School at Oslo University College.  The second course was arranged this spring, for a group of international students from Europe and China. Now I am looking forward to the third round – and add some reflections on how the course is developing.

Radical redesign

LATINA is a deliberate effort to redesign (reshape, restructure, “re-invent”) institution-based learning and teaching activities under fully digital conditions. A multicultural (global) setting is part of these conditions.

We see this as development work rather than as delivery of a standardized course package. A research component will also be added, which is well described by the Norwegian term ”følgeforskning” . This means research that follows – like a shadow – ongoing project or development work

The LATINA Summer Course is an ongoing experiment – now in beta (2009) rather than alpha. (2008).  The LATINA/lab, which was established last November,  is a development arena – a workshop, an atelier, an experimental laboratory, an incubator – rather than a routinized production line or factory.

Learning through production

We organize our work as combined learning-oriented and production-oriented group processes. This applies equally to staff and to students.  In the teaching team this summer – which I coordinate – we will now emphasize:

  • daily coordination meetings
  • developing a shared understanding of the LATINA mode of working
  • developing a corresponding pedagogical practice (”how do you manifest that understanding”?)
  • clear and steady expectations with regard to participation from the students
    • oral feedback in class
    • regular blogging – also outside class (”homework”)
    • giving blog comments
  • training students to participate
    • how to give good oral feedback
    • how to use blogging for your own learning
    • how to provide helpful blog comments
  • active blogging by the teachers
    • comments to students: we should allocate specific students to specific teachers – and change them once a week, is my idea)
    • own reflections on the course process – which give students insights into the way teachers think, design, fail and recover …
  • shared reading of background documents on and from LATINA
    • additional contributions invited
    • personal comments invited



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