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PL 32/09: Computers everywhere

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group with PCIn the OUC Traffic Study – Students in action – the massive role of computers in student life was evident.

Picture taken from the project report – Learning Center: Description of activities.

Eighty percent with computers

Nearly 80 percent of the time students spent inside the Learning Centre involved the use of computers. The actual distribution between library and own computers – and between individual and group use – is given below

  • Alone with library computer: 52% of total computer time
  • Group with own computer: 32% of total
  • Group with library computer: 10%
  • Alone with own computer: 6%

This means that

  • 42% of all “inside” computer time is spent in groups
  • 38% is spent with private computers

All computer time = 100% (5799 observations).

Computers everywhere

Computers are widely used outside the computer areas proper (defined by rows of library PCs):

  • In the computer areas: 93 percent of the activities involve computers
  • In the group rooms: 79 percent
  • In the book shelf areas: 35 percent
  • In the tables/sitting down areas: 20 percent

The flow of students

The time the students spent spent inside the Learning Centre was distributed as follows:

Main areas

  • In computer areas (1st, 2nd, 5th floor): 43 percent
  • In group rooms (2nd, 5th floor): 24 percent
  • In tables/sit down areas (1st, 2nd, 5th floor): 18 percent
  • In book shelf areas (2nd, 5th floor): 11 percent (often at tables)

Secondary areas

  • In photopcopier/printer areas (1st, 2nd, 5th floor): 1 percent
  • In the journalism area (5th floor): 1 percent
  • In information desk areas (1st or 2nd floor): 1 percent

SUM: 99 percent

For details see the Students in action data set – choosing the tab CALC.

Beyond the library

In this traffic study we also collected data on students –  in three public areas that are often used for studying – or socializing- outside the Learning Centre:

  • the entrance hall on the 1st floor
  • an open area with tables on the 3rd floor
  • an open area with tables on the 4th floor

The spill-over into nearby areas adds about seven percent to the total number of observations.

Below I only include activities that would be normally be seen as studying – if observed inside the Learning Centre. These areas are clearly widely used for group activities

Main activities

  • works in group with own PC (activity 14): 198 observations
  • sits in a group using media (activity 13): 171
  • sits in a group without using media (activity 12): 166

Secondary activities

  • sits writing or reading alone (activity 6): 29 observations
  • works alone with own PC (activity 8): 22
  • stands writing or reading alone (activity 7): 3

SUM: 589 observations

The total number of observations inside the Learning Centre was about 8.500.


  • Alone with library computer: 3047 observations
  • Group with own computer: 1862
  • Group with library computer: 565
  • Alone with own computer: 325

All computer time = 100% (5799 observations).



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