Monday, May 11, 2009

PL 28/09: LATINA Spring – the third week

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LATINA SpringThe LATINA Spring course consists of three intensive weeks – in February, March and May – and long periods of project work in between.

Here Andras is teaching

Today the eight international students came back for their final week. During the first two weeks we also had several Norwegian participants – a group of university college teachers who wanted to learn more about the LATINA way of working.

On Thursday and Friday each student will conduct a learning event – with the rest of the class as their class. Today we worked on practical presentation techniques. In the past I would have lectured and demonstrated before asking the students to practice. Now I let the students gather information about presentation on the web, discuss it in small groups, and present it to the class.

Presenting presentation techniques is also presentation, of course, so they got a lot of practical feedback doing this.

They had really gathered lots of relevant info in a short time – putting it on their blogs:


Today, we also experienced a really strange breakdown. One of our students presented the use of speaker’s notes in PowerPoint. This implies a setting where the overhead screen shows the slides while the computer screen shows slides PLUS notes.

This set up caused a total loss of input to the big screen. We called for an ICT  technician, who only managed to turn the picture that remained on the big screen upside down.  He passed the task to an adio-visual technician, who spent almost an hour trying to restore the link. Finally he had to exchange computers …’

Fortunately, we could reschedule the day, so that no “time on task” was actually lost. But the event showed, once again, how complex these systems really are …



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