Tuesday, February 3, 2009

PL 15/09: Bend the rules, apologize later

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ala-emerging-leadersLibrarians love to organize collections – and also people, it seems.

In the United States, Leslie Burger, past president of the ALA, has initiated a program to recruit and train new leaders for the organization (picture). Karen Keys,  “a young adult librarian at Queens Library in New York”, reported from the ALA mid-winter meeting in Denver:

Berger Burger stated, “ALA is structured in a way that only librarians could have come up with.”

To aid our understanding, she shared some basic organizational facts:

  • The Council is comprised of approximately 190 people, some voted on by the membership at large and others elected by the various round tables and divisions
  • The ALA Executive Board is elected from the Council
  • Twenty-five signatures are needed to run for Council
  • Once elected Council members serve for three years and it is considered a large time commitment

… She challenged us to transform the organization, and offered the following tips:

  • Ask questions
  • Don’t do it just to add to your resume
  • Be bold
  • Don’t be afraid of the “old guys”
  • Be flexible
  • Take a break when you need it.
    • “There have been times when I couldn’t stand to come to these conferences.” She took the necessary breaks enabling her to come back more excited each time.
  • Bend the rules, apologize later.
  • Have a good time, go to parties.
  • Be willing to say, “This doesn’t work. We want to change it.”



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