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PL 10/09: Live blogging from Porto

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Father’s third son

In 2006 Latvia received 16 million dollars from the BMGF to develop municipal libraries in Latvia.

BMGF = Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The project is called Tresais teva dels – or Father’s third son. The governemnt provided matching funds – and Microsoft donated software worth 8 million dollars.

TH:  The real cost to Microsoft – which must be somewhat less – has not been published.

During the last two years, four thousand computers have been installed in Latvia’s nearly 900 public libraries. The TTD project has concentrated on improving access for all.

In Latvia, where almost all of 874 public libraries (except 17 small rural libraries) were already connected to the internet during the State Unified Library Information Network or the “Net of Light” project, “Tresais teva dels” provided resources to connect all Latvian public libraries to the Internet with broadband connections, build a Wi-Fi network for library users for wireless access, provide approximately three new computers per library to meet an anticipated high demand, offer basic computer training to library patrons, provide training to all 1,792 public library librarians in Latvia and inform the public about new resources available in libraries.

Tresais teva dels

The project has invested heavily in marketing – and the authors of the paper (Silva Suhanenkova, Gunita Mozulcika and Agnese Veitas) reported that more than eighty percent of the Latvian population had heard about the TTD.

Internships in Barcelona

Barcelona is moving from a 3 + 2 year program (bachelor + master) to a single 4 year program. The seventh semester will include a substantial practice period in a “centre” – corresponding to 18 credits.  During the final (eight) semester, they may write a report based on the practicum. Students choose as follows:

  • 45% special and research libraries/centers
  • 20% mass media or audiovisual
  • 17 % public
  • 13 % academic
  • 3 % archives
  • 2 % other

Students, advisors and professors are involved in an educational “joint venture”

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