Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PL 8/09: BOBCATSSS opens in Porto

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bill-clintonBOBCATSSS 2009 opened in Porto today.

Tom Wilson’s key-note speech was called Thinking about the future.

The past is a foreign country (citing Hartley) – and so is the future.

The longer we live, the more foreign is the country. They do things differently there …

Tom has just carried out a Delphi investigation with Swedish colleagues on the kinds of research that will be of value to practitioners in the near future. The main needs – in their view – were studies on

  1. factors affect strategic development
  2. changing roles of libraries in communities
  3. children and libraries
  4. promotion of reading and literature
  5. the effectiveness and impact of library work
  6. developments in scholarly communication
  7. the library as a creative space
  8. new digital media in scholarship and research
  9. libraries, learning and education: stidying the impact of library and information services
  10. did not catch that one …

He quoted Bill Clinton:

When I took office, only physicists had heard about the World Wide Web. Now even my cat has its own page.

Bill Clinton (1993-2001)

Clinton should have said: only physicists and Norwegian librarians. The working librarians that participated in our Info 10 training course (1992-1994) were introduced to the Web in the spring 1993 …

Tom founded and still edits the peer-reviewed journal Information research. He started the blog Information research  – ideas and debate in September 2007.


Blog posts on the Delphi study:

  1. Project signing in Borås
  2. In Sweden again …
  3. The Delphi workshop

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