Sunday, January 25, 2009

PL 6/09: Statistics for action

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meetingAgendas are plans for action.

At least if we look at the etymology.

Originally agenda was a plural word, a Latin term for “things [needing] to be done” (Wikipedia)

At IFLA in Milan the Statistics and Evaluation Section is organizing a meeting called Statistics on the agenda. January 18 was our deadline for submissions, and we received a total of 22 proposals: twelve from academic and special libraries and ten from the public library sector.  Since we only have two hours at our disposal, the convenors – Roswitha Poll and myself – will have a difficult task picking the  five or six papers we can accommodate.

That, of course, is the nature of IFLA. It must make room for all its sub-groups.

Presentation pressure

I do not have any solid data on this, but I believe that librarians are increasing their total output of projects and papers and presentations – as we all move deeper into the global knowledge economy.

The “presentation pressure” on IFLA is likely to increase. This may also explain the growing interest in satellite conference.  For the Statistics and Evaluation Section, the biannual series of Northumbria conferences provides more time and space for focused professional debate.

The relationship between IFLA and its satellites is complex, and I hope the forthcoming “interactive” IFLA web site will be a good place for discussing the dynamcs of the IFLA system as a whole.




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