Saturday, January 24, 2009

PL 5/09: Trend-spotting

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mstephensMichael Stephens (picture) is on my very short list of must-read bloggers.

I am in good company. By the latest Bloglines count, Michael had 4.311 subscribers to his RSS feed. For a newspaper, that is a trickle. For a blog, it is a torrent.

I liked his predictions for the year to come:  Ten Trends and Technologies for 2009 – and repeat his headings – with my italics – here:

  1. The ubiquity of the Cloud. To understand the cloud, you must live there.
  2. The changing Role of IT.  Or deep digitalization, which means no more  IT departments. IT becomes mundane, social, present.
  3. The promise of Micro-Interaction. Interaction as habit. IT as habitus (Bourdieu).
  4. The care & nurturing of the Tribe. Relate to the life-world (Habermas)
  5. I hope that we encourage the Heart. Yeats, who knew about such things, wrote about the rag-and-bone shop of the heart.
  6. The triumph of the Portable device. People with glasses see the world through them. Cell phones and tablets are glasses for the web.
  7. The importance of Personalization. This flexibility goes with the technology.
  8. The impact of Localization. This flexibility goes with the technology.
  9. The evolution of the Digital Lifestyle. Some producers are beginning to understand their new markets.
  10. The shift toward Open Thinking. Which means a willingness to learn.

And lots of good stuff inside …


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