Sunday, November 30, 2008

PL 58/08: Reports from the frontline

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1itoWhat’s happening at the front?

Mizuko Ito (right) headed the MacArthur project.

The most advanced thinking and writing about libraries is not published in books, but in blogs, project reports and digital newsletters and journals.

Blogs catch our discussions in mid-air, so to speak. The best professional  blogs embody change as it occurs. Newsletters like Ariadne and journals like D-Lib Magazine report on change – with a minimum of delay. Both channels are essential for keeping in touch with developments in the field.

But I turn to the best project reports and surveys for confirmation. In this type of document we find the developed arguments and the supporting data we need to promote change in the library environment.

The last big report I’ve read was produced by the MacArthur Foundation. It covers the same type of issues as the the recent British Library report on the researcher of the future and the regular Pew reports on Internet and American Life. But it is larger, deeper and more ethnographic in its approach. This means it delves much more deeply into the culture that is developing around digital media.

For more info, see the post Living and learning at the LATINA web site.

For a choice of formats, you may

Source: MacArthur Foundation. Building the Field of Digital Media and Learning (latest news).


I found 20 photos of Mizuko (Mimi) Ito at Flickr. Eighteen of them were published under a CC license. Bliss, indeed.



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  1. […] I recommende the big MacArtur study, which shows that the web is becoming an important place for new forms of learning.  Today, I get excited by Lorcan Dempsey’s post on The changing education […]

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