Thursday, November 6, 2008

PL 54/08: The LATINA principles

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The LATINA summer course was an experiment in digital education.

Teaching math in China. Photo: Fang Haiguang

The course was well received, by students and teachers alike. This autumn, we have established a permanent production unit – the LATINA Lab. In 2009 we will offer a full term course (LATINA Spring) in addition to LATINA Summer.

Below, I have tried to formulate some basic principles that support our way of working.

  1. Learning is hard work.
  2. Tools change the user.
  3. Knowledge is practice.
  4. LATINA is part of the global knowledge economy.
  5. We live on the web – and take access to the web for granted
  6. We learn by sharing productive tasks.
  7. Ordinary learning is additive. It increases our stock of knowledge. We respect ordinary learning.
  8. Deep learning is transformative. It changes who we are. We believe in deep learning.
  9. Knowledge wants to be shared. We share our results.
  10. Knowledge is produced by communities. We build communities of practice.
  11. Trust arguments rather than authorities.
  12. There are no stupid questions.
  13. Finding the right problems is harder than finding the right answers
  14. Having fun is strictly forbidden

This is not an official document, but my personal version/vision of the LATINA concept. My colleagues in the LATINA team have seen the text. They did not scream and shout and jump about, so I hope they agree with the main thrust. But as a statement, it is a personal one.






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  6. Plinius is a great teacher, I could like to meet with you especially in Kampala and follow up on what we discussed concerning our collaboration during the SCECSAL conference in Nairobi.

    Comment by Henry Morara — Thursday, June 28, 2012 @ 4:30 am

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    PL 54/08: The LATINA principles | Plinius

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