Thursday, September 11, 2008

PL 40/08: : What the heck’s going on?

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People want to understand what’s happening around them.

Clay Shirky (by liabulaong)

I am struck by the number of popular books that try to interpret the impact of digital technology on our social and economic structure. The growing demand reflects the depth of change. We are leaving  late industrial society behind – and tiptoeing into the early stages of a knowledge based global economy.

Negroponte’s modern classic Being digital (1995) prepared the ground. His book predicted much of what was going to happen. The current run of books interpret what has already happened.

My brief reading list consists of :

  1. Thomas Friedman. The World is Flat. More …
  2. Nicholas Carr. The Big Switch. More …
  3. Chris Anderson. The Long Tail. More …
  4. John Battelle. The Search: More …
  5. David Wineberger. Everything is miscellaneous. More …
  6. Clay Shirky. Here comes everybody. More …

I was interested to see that five of these books were also included in Michael Stephens thirty-five item reading list for his class on Library 2.0 and Social Networking Technologies.

All except Battelle.


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