Monday, September 1, 2008

PL 34/08: IFLA visual 2008

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People have landed – and sorted through their pictures from Quebec.

Liana Quider, Frode Bakken and Sami Batrawi

Below I list ten photographers who created photo sets on flickr from IFLA 2008. There are surely more sets out there – but I only had half an hour to spend browsing through flickr.

  1. cscifla
  2. elrobinster
  3. iflaexpress – translators
  4. L_GF
  5. Librarienne
  6. llyngwairllyngwair 2 (Visit to Grosse Ile)
  7. plinius – a collection of small sets
  8. Rob Sarjant. IFLA Literacy and Reading Fair. He also reports from Southern Sudan
  9. schwartzray – and fourteen other IFLA sets – wow! Ray Schwartz also produces videos.
  10. shihiwy1 – he/she also covered Seoul



Liana Quider and Sami Batrawi come from Palestine. The big man in the middle is Frode Bakken – as usual.


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