Wednesday, August 27, 2008

PL 30/08: From Pliny to Plinius

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From today, the name is Plinius.

For the last four years, ninety percent of my library blogging has been in Norwegian – at the blog named Plinius.

Rambling librarian (Ivan Chew) and Plinius in Quebec.

Pliny the Librarian has been an occasional blog. But the world and my work is turning. After the recent IFLA meeting in Quebec, the Global statistics meeting in Montreal, and the LATINA summer course in Oslo, I have decided to “go global”.

This means to concentrate on English blogging, with the international library community in mind. Since the day has 24 rather than 42 hours, I must reduce the amount of Norwegian blogging correspondingly.

The English version will be my regular, and the Norwegian version my occasional blog.

Operating with two different labels now feels bit awkward. So I will use Plinius for both versions.

Central topics

The main focus of Plinius will continue, with topics like

  • comparative library studies
  • e-learning and digital libraries
  • libraries as knowledge institutions
  • library development in the Nordic countries
  • developing and interpreting library statistics
  • understanding the impact of new technology
  • the role of libraries in community and regional development

Since Plinius is a personal professional blog rather than a newsletter, I will write as I please, however – trying to catch the world by its tale.


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