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PL 29/08: More blogging from Quebec

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Last Saturday I tried to find bloggers who were present at – and writing about – IFLA 2008 in Quebec (picture).

At that time I registered fourteen blogs in English, two in Spanish, two in German and one each in Rumanian, Flemish (Dutch) and Norwegian.

Now I have done a second round of hunting and gathering – and included more institutional blogs. I got a new catch of nineteen eighteen.

The list is in no way complete. Links and descriptions are not standardized. Additions and comments are invited.

Institutional blogs

  1. Alfin Red. Foro para la alfabetización informacional. In Spanish.*
  2. ALIA Board blog. ALIA = Australian Library and Information Organization.
  3. American Libraries. IFLA Conference Showcases Québecois Culture
  4. Criticas. Multicultural link
  5. Dewey Translators Meeting at IFLA 2008
  6. Libraries Interact. Blog Central for Australian libraries.
  7. The Bib Blog. York University Libraries Bibliographic Services
  8. News from DIS. News from the Department of Information Science at Loughborough University
  9. NLA. Nigerian Library Association
  10. QuestionPoint: 24/7 reference services

*I note that ALFIN will choose a more interactive format in Milan (see quote). Progress, indeed.

It was encouraging to see that the Goethe Institute in Montreal even recruited bloggers in order to set up shared reporting blog – ein gemeinsames Blog zur Berichterstattung.

Personal & institutional

  1. Karen Calhoun. Metalogue. Metalogue is a forum for sharing thoughts on all things related to knowledge organization by and for libraries, hosted by Karen Calhoun, Vice President, WorldCat and Metadata Services for OCLC. Karen is joined often by friends and colleagues from all over the globe, who contribute perspectives and experiences about the current and future state of cataloguing and metadata.
  2. Stephen’s Lighthouse. By SirsiDynix’ Vice President of Innovation, Stephen Abram
  3. Dean Self’s Blog. By Phyllis B. Self, Dean of Libraries, Western Illinois University Libraries.
  4. Jesus Lau.  Lau is Director of library services at the University of Veracruz, President-elect of the Mexican Library association and a member of the IFLA Governing Board. In Spanish.

Personal blogs

  1. Balcão de Biblioteca.  Written by Claudia Lopez, from Funchal, Madeira – licenciada em Línguas e Literaturas Clássicas e Portuguesa e pós-graduada em Ciências Documentais (variante Biblioteca/Documentação). In Portuguese.
  2. Bibliothek 2.0 und mehr. In German.
  3. Confessions of a Science Librarian
  4. Information New Wave. Loida Garcia-Febo, a librarian and her views on the profession, access to information, and life*
  5. zydeco fish. The least formal of these blogs … Enjoy!

Not a blog

  1. Video

*Loida García-Febo manages Special Services for the Queens Library and is former manager of Spanish Language Collections/Cultural Arts for the Queens Library’s New Americans Program. Prior to this, she worked at the University of Puerto Rico/ Unit of Library Services for the Blind and Disabled.



“The Open Knowledge Foundation (ONF) has criticized the draft report of the Working Group for Bibliographic Control of the Library of Congress because there is no provision for the access, re-use and re-distribution of bibliographic data without restriction. …. all bibliographic data should be free …

What does that mean for our practice? We would like to discuss this with representatives of the projects, national libraries and other major data providers. ….”

Karen Calhoun. Metalogue.

  • It is important to run an effective association: people want to be involved in an association that is different.
  • Practice Euthanasia: people hang around for too long; give others a chance to work.
  • Bring them in: if you are a veteran, go where new professionals are; go online.
  • Give support: newbies need to know that veterans have their backs
  • Put them in charge: provide space where new librarians take decisions.

Bob McKee at Criticas. Multicultural link

… the major downside of the conference—the refusal of Canada to grant visas to 27 delegates, 13 of whom were ultimately turned away despite the federation’s attempts to intervene.

Among those denied entry was Fariborz Khosrav, deputy director of the National Library of Iran.

Five Colombians, two delegates each from Egypt and Nepal, and one each from Nigeria, Pakistan, and South Africa were also turned away.

IFLA Conference Showcases Québecois Culture

This year, the host country – Canada denied the NLA President visa to the conference.

According to the Star Newspaper, “Among them is Victoria Okojie, president of the Nigerian Library Association, who told the Star the deputy high commission in Lagos rejected her by mail with ‘a little sheet of paper’ explaining they thought she might stay in Canada.”


Barbara Tillett set the stage with a wonderful survey of the development of RDA in her presentation entitled, “Resource Description and Access: Overview: History, Principles, Conceptual Models“.  …

She traced the history from the British Museum rules of 1841, the Paris Principles, card catalogues, the development of the IBSD, OPACs and the current web environment and showed how the FRBR principles were drawn directly from this evolution.

…  two highlights for me were Gord Dunsire’s, “RDA Vocabularies and Concepts” and Chris Oliver’s run through the RDA online prototype.

The Bib Blog

But, by far the most bizarre sight was a pod of dancing librarians. In my entire career in this female-dominated profession, I had never seen librarians eager to hit the dance floor. But, at this World Congress, filled with delegates from Africa, Iran, Iraq, China, Russia, all parts of Europe, Oceania, and dozens of other nations, this was happening.

I have photos to prove it, and if my laptop ever recovers, I might even share some with you. Whether or not I tripped the light fantastic (or fandango) will forever remain a secret. [Get the big picture]

Liz said… I would join a facebook group for dancing librarians. I used to be a genuine bar bitch, so when I say “dancing”, I don’t mean the typical sensible shoe librarian dancing.

zydeco fish

En el próximo congreso (en Italia) la sección compartirá tiempo y espacio con la Sección de Alfabetización y Lectura con un formato diferente al habitual de la sección: partiendo de la intervención de uno o dos ponentes, se formarán pequeños grupos de discusión que presentarán posteriormente al conjunto sus impresiones.

El título será similar a “Las bibliotecas impulsan las alfabetizaciones del siglo XXI” y la sesión responderá al mismo.

Alfin Red. Foro para la alfabetización informacional.

Ingebjørg Rype (National Library of Norway), Magdalena Svanberg (National Library of Sweden), and I gave a condensed version of the talk Ingebjørg and I presented the week before at the ISKO Conference on the pilot study we just concluded with nineteen Norwegian librarians to explore the usability of a mixed Norwegian-English version of the DDC as a classifier’s tool.

Dewey Translators Meeting at IFLA 2008



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  2. Guten Dag,
    My name is Claudia Popescu and I am librarian to a public library in Romania. I saw your interview made this year, during de IFLA conference, by Ivan Chew, and this is the way that I find you and your blog. Last week I started my own blog called: LIBRARIANS CORNER. Please visit it, I need your professional suggestion

    Comment by Claudia Popescu — Monday, August 25, 2008 @ 12:52 pm

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