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PL 25/08: IFLA Quebec on the web

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In Norway – my laptop tells me – it is 1.30 AM.

Claudia Lux in Quebec.

Here in Canada, on the train from Quebec to Montreal, the sun throws gold on light green meadows and dark green forests. The land is flatter than flat – with room for millions more, it would seem.

As an organization, IFLA moves like a dreadnought. Once the course is set, changing tack is hard, however eager the officers – read President, Executive Committee and Governing Board – might be.

But with regard to communication, IFLA is changing – rapidly and effectively. At the Statistics Section, we heard more about the new website, which will be launched early in 2009. With all modern convenveniences – read two point zero.

In the meantime, I have taken a new look at the conference blogging. I did a small blog survey in Oslo, in 2005. A first harvest from Quebec 2008 is listed below:


  1. Rambling Librarian Ivan Chew.
  2. The cataloguing librarian
  3. From the chief executive’s desk. Bob McKee heads CILIP – and sits on the IFLA Board.
  4. Online Insider. Marydee Ojala.
  5. Pictures and Conversations. Meandering thoughts on fiction for young people.
  6. Libraries Today Blog
  7. geeky artist librarian
  8. Information Access Avenger
  9. Epist. Young librairienneSarah Q. Thompson – with refreshing comments.
  10. Freemoth :: Flutterings. From RDA satellite conference. RDA = Resource Description and Access.
  11. Rethinking Academic Conferences. Not exactly a library blog – but interesting as a trend. We need to change the actual format of our mega-conferences, I believe.


  1. Blog zur IFLA 2008. From Goethe Institut – which seems to send many of its international librarians to IFLA
  2. sib Quebec IFLA 2008.


  1. The Flemish Librarian


  1. EGCTIANABlog. From Puerto Rico – the winner of 2011.
  2. docu ¿qué?.


  1. Pro Libro. Blog colectiv de bibliotecenomie.  I did some research in Bucharest 35 years ago – and visited the country again in 2005. Foarte bune! Go, go, Rumania!


Das Goethe-Institut hat zur derzeit laufenden IFLA-Konferenz in Quebec ein Weblog gestartet, auf dem Bibliothekare aus Deutschland (Hauptredakteur: Patrick Danowski) von ihren Erfahrungen berichten.

Das Blog wird nach Ende der Konferenz vom Goethe-Institut Montréal übernommen und weiterhin über deutsch-kanadische Bibliotheksprojekte und Kooperationen berichten.

International and Comparative Librarianship. DEDICATED TO PIONEERS   INCLUDING: S. R. Ranganathan, P. N. Kaula, R. N. Sharma, J. F. Harvey, D. J. Foskett, J. P. Danton, M. M. Jackson, etc. This Blogosphere has a slant towards India [a.k.a Indica, Indo, South-Asian, Oriental, Bharat, Hindustan, Asian-Indian (not American Indian)].



  1. Thank you for the great list! I’ve been looking around for the other folks blogging the conference and this is perfect.

    Comment by Sara — Sunday, August 17, 2008 @ 1:03 pm

  2. Thanks, Sara.

    IFLA videos – on YouTube – are actually easier to find (less noise) by searching in Google.

    Comment by plinius — Sunday, August 17, 2008 @ 1:41 pm

  3. Multumesc (Thank you) for mentioning and encouraging the Romanian blog. :)

    Comment by Claudia S. — Monday, August 18, 2008 @ 3:09 am

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