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PL 39/07: LATINA 2008

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flyer_back_2.jpgLATINA is a new three week summer course at Oslo University College. The acronym stands for Learning and teaching in a digital world.

The course will be offered from June 23 to July 11, 2008. It may be extended for one more week. The three week program gives seven ECTS credits. The four week program, which includes follow-up activities in a distance-education modus, provides ten credits.

Course background

Are you turning to the Web to develop your own learning and teaching activities? Do you need to master the new educational environment?

Many countries are now ready for digital, web-based education. The technological tools are in place – but how can we use them to to create interesting and challenging environments for learning? LATINA is a new and unique course for digital teachers and learners – developed by people with long experience in this field.

Develop your skills

LATINA is a course for students and teachers that want to develop their educational skills on the World Wide Web.

Digital technology is transforming the way we learn and the way we teach. Traditional education takes place in a closed physical and social space, with limited technical resources, and with a single person in charge. In countries where web access is widespread, teaching and learning can take many other forms.

Digital education requires a technical infrastructure. But technology by itself is not enough. The new technical possibilities must be understood, embraced and developed. Good teachers use books, classrooms, blackboards and chalk effectively. In LATINA we approach digital learning and teaching in the same spirit.

We stress creative learning and challenging teaching. Our lectures combine solid theory with advanced concepts and cases. We believe in active learning and will allocate much time to practical work and group discussions.

The course is aimed equally at those who teach and at those who learn. In digital environments, in fact, the line between the two is often blurred. In the digital world, texts and tools are available to everybody.

To learn is to change

Superficial learning is accumulation – or more of the same. Deep learning is different. We are committed to change – and ask the participants to go beyond their current skills and conceptual models. In the spirit of the course, participants will be asked to do some preparatory work through the web before the sessions in Oslo – and also to engage in some follow-up activities after mid-July.

The course will give you a practical, hands-on introduction to a variety of web-based tools for teaching and learning. At the same time we will relate the tools to relevant learning theories – and to theories of historical, economic, organizational and socio-technical change. The digital revolution runs deep, and we can only understand educational change if we see learning and teaching in a broad historical perspective.

Academic Board

The course is arranged by Faculty of Journalism, Library and Information Science, and Centre for Educational Research and Development together with the Learning Centre. The course development team consists of Lars Egeland (Director, LC), Helge Høivik (Associate Professor, CERD) and Tord Høivik (Associate Professor, JLIS).


Read more about the OUC Summer School at the official web page.



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