Thursday, August 9, 2007

PL 28/07: Keep trucking!

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trucker.jpgOne hundred truck drivers stop at Høydalsmo inn – halfway between Bergen and Oslo – every day. Here Tokke Library in Telemark has established a special library for trucksters.

The collection mainly contains audio books, but also easy-to-read books, a PC corner and magazines. The drivers can borrow the audio books. They will have 24 hour key card access.

From presentation of the new library in Tokke
(in Norwegian).


Real males do not read books

Women in all social categories – whether they are based on age, location, education, occupation, etc. – typically read at least fifty percent more than men in the corresponding group. The Swedes have good data on this – and they are also well presented.

Within the male group, there are vast differences between occupations with high and occupations with low status. In Sweden the distance between upper white collar (högre tjänstemän – blue line) and unskilled workers (ej facklärda arbetare – red line) is increasing.

The percentages show how many who never read a book. Close to one half of the unskilled workers avoid book completely!


The table below shows the number of men (blue) and women (red) who read a book on an average day in Norway.


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