Wednesday, February 28, 2007

PL 13/07: eXtensible Catalog

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This friendly project from University of Rochester uses the blog eXtensible Caralogue to share information, experiences and creative thinking:

River Campus Libraries is studying how best to develop an open-source online system … eXtensible Catalog (XC) … to allow future library users at any level of proficiency to get more out of academic library collections. … The first phase … will produce a plan that will include:

  • A survey of related projects …
  • An analysis of freely-available source code …
  • Outreach to other academic institutions doing similar work at libraries
  • Recommendations for the metadata requirements of the new system…
  • An analysis of existing user studies …

The project will share its information goods with the rest of the world (“outreach”)l. They already provide lists of literature on various topics – which are valuable because selected with current needs in mind (“bibliographies-in-context”).

Personally, I am particularly interested in their user studies comments – which look eminently sensible. Nice work!


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