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PL 8/07: Oslo University College: LIS in English 2004-

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The entries below – taken from the publications database Frida on January 31, 2007 – comprise all registered publications in English – academic and popular – for the years 2004-2006 from the School of Librarianship (BIBIN) in Oslo

There are, most likely, some items that have not been entered into Frida. And I have not aimed at high bibliographical consistency (too much work for a blog). But I hope the bibliography tells a bit about what goes on in the Norwegian LIS field.

The Oslo school is by far the biggest library school in the country. But I intend to add publications from the University of Tromsø – the second largest training institution – and the Technical University of Trondheim – which teaches information science rather than librarianship.

You could also go directly to Frida (advanced search). Leave Tittel (Title) and Navn (Name) empty. Choose publication years (År) : From (Fra) – To (Til). Set Språk (Language) to Engelsk (English) – and press Søk (Search).

Aabø, Svanhild

  • Are public libraries worth their price? A contingent valuation study of Norwegian public libraries. New Library World 2005;106(11/12):487-495
  • Evaluation of libraries: Experiences from applying a method for non-market valuation delveloped in economics. I: Management, Marketing and Promotion of Library Services Based on Statistics, Analyses and Evaluation. München: K.G. Saur Verlag 2006. ISBN 3-598-21848-6. s. 199-205
  • Public libraries in the network society: A need to strenghten their democratic role. I: Information, Innovation, Responsibility: Information professional in the network society: Proceedings of the 14th BOBCATSSS Symposium, 30. January – 1. February 2006 in Tallinn, Estonia. Tallinn: Tallinn University, Department of Information Studies 2006. ISBN 87-7415-294-7. s. 368-372
  • The role and value of public libraries in the age of digital technologies. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science 2005;37(4):205-211
  • The value of public libraries. I: Librarianship in the information age : proceedings [of] the 13th BOBCATSSS Symposium, 31 January- 2 February 2005 in Budapest, Hungary. Budapest, Ungarn: ELTE 2005. ISBN 9634637582. s. 327-331
  • The value of public libraries in Norway. Bibliotekforum : Norsk bibliotekforenings medlemsblad 2005;30(6):38-40
  • Valuation of public libraries. I: New frontiers in library research. Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press 2005. s. 97-109
  • Valuing the benefits of public libraries. Information Economics and Policy 2005;17:175-198
  • – ; Strand, Jon. Public library valuation, nonuse values, and altruistic motivations. Library & Information Science Research 2004;26(3):351-372

Audunson, Ragnar

  • Technology and Social Inclusion: Rethinking the Digital Divide. Journal of Documentation 2006;62(2)
  • The Dismantling of the Public Sphere: Situating and Sustaining Librarianship in the Age of the New Public Philosophy. Journal of Documentation 2006;62(2)
  • Editorial: LIS and the creation of a European educational space. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science 2005;37(4):171-174
  • How do Politicians and Central Decision-Makers View Public Libraries? The Case of Norway. IFLA Journal 2005;31(2):174-182
  • Norwegian libraries in perspective: an institution caught between differing social conflicts and opinions. I: Knowledge and Culture: Norwegian Libraries in Perspective. Oslo: National Library of Norway 2005. ISBN 82-8105-023-3. s. 33-53
  • The public library as a meeting-place in a multicultural and digital context – The necessity of low-intensive meeting-places. Journal of Documentation 2005; 5.
  • – ; Nordlie, Ragnar. The Metropolitan Library as a Meeting Place in a Digital and Multicultural Context – the Case of Oslo: What Happens When the Library’s Reference Service Moves from the Physical Space to the Internet? City Development and Library Services: Proceedings of the 2nd. Shanghai International Library Forum; 2004

Høivik, Tord

  • Competition and marketing: Public libraries in the Norwegian reference market. In: Marketing of information services. Proceedings, 15th BOBCATSSS Symposium Prague 29-31 Jan 2007, p. 170-179.
  • Comparing libraries. From official statistics to effective strategies. In: Management, marketing and promotion of library services based on statistics, analyses and evaluation. Ed. By Trine Kolderup Flaten. München: K.G. Saur, 2006, 464 p.
  • A poem lovely as a tree? Virtual reference questions in Norwegian public libraries. I: New frontiers in library research. Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press 2005. s. 43-59
  • Library frontiers – old and new. The Norwegian Library Association 1913-2005. Bibliotekforum : Norsk bibliotekforenings medlemsblad 2005(6):24-25
  • Who goes to IFLA? The social selection of IFLA participants.. Bibliotekforum : Norsk bibliotekforenings medlemsblad 2005(6):50-51
  • Wide enough for libraries? The library function in a web-based world. In Kocojowa, Maria (ed.). Professional information on the internet / Profesjonalna informacja w internecie. Krakow: Jagiellonian University Press, 2005, p. 13-25.
  • Enter the dragon. From print to web in library education. . In: Przestrzen informacji i komuniukacji spolecznej [The area of information and social communication]. Krakow: Jagiellonian University Press 2004. s. 280-288

Knutsen, Unni

  • Survey on the state of national bibliographies in Asia. 72nd World Library and Information Congress, 2006
  • Bibliographic control in the Nordic countries. IFLA Journal 2006;32(1):5-12
  • – ; et al.. “Online national bibliography”. In: Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science. USA: Marcel Dekker 2005. 17 p.
  • – ; et al.. Survey on the state of national bibliographies in Latin America. World Library and Information Conference : 70th IFLA General Conference and Council; Publ. IFLANET:; 2004

Pharo, Nils

  • A new model of information behaviour based on the Search Situation Transition schema. Information research 2004;10(1)
  • – ; et al.. Conceptions of Task as a Methodological Issue: Scandinavians on Information Seeking and Retrieval Research. In: Managing and Enhancing Information: Cultures and Conflicts. Proceedings of the ASIST Annual Meeting 2004
  • Nordic networking: cooperation in Nordic LIS research. IFLA Journal 2005;31(2):194-198
  • Topic maps – knowledge organisation seen from the perspective of computer scientists. In: Proceedings from ELAG 2004
  • – ; Järvelin, Kalervo. ‘Irrational’ searchers and IR-rational researchers. Journal of The American Society For Information Science And Technology 2006;57(2):222-232
  • – ; Järvelin, Kalervo. Search Situations and Transitions. In: Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Reference 2005. ISBN 1591405572. s. 1000-1004
  • – ; Järvelin, Kalervo. The SST method: a tool for analysing Web information search processes. Information Processing & Management 2004;40(4):633-654
  • – ; Nordlie, Ragnar. Context Matters: An Analysis of assessments of XML Documents. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2005;3507:238-248
  • Trotman, Andrew; Pharo, Nils; Lehtonen, Miro. XML-IR users and use cases. INEX 06 – Inititiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval; .2006

Salvesen, Gunhild

  • Asymmetry and dominance in dialogues between user and librarian. Bibliotekforum : Norsk bibliotekforenings medlemsblad 2005;30(6):58-61
  • Is the library able to find the answer?. I: Librarianship in the information age : proceedings [of] the 13th BOBCATSSS Symposium,. Budapest, 2006, p. 266-272
  • – ; Ulvik, Synnøve. What is ethical reference practice? : an empirical study of reference interviews. I: Information, Innovation, Responsibility: Information professional in the network society: Proceedings of the 14th BOBCATSSS Symposium, Tallinn: Tallinn University, Department of Information Studies 2006, p. 430-430

Sveum, Tor

  • “Students of excellence”? Can library students match experienced librarians in reference work? The professionalisation of library education in Norway. BOBCATSSS 2006
  • Marketing and promoting the library through the integration of services. The case of Norwegian libraries. BOBCATSSS 2007

Vaagan, Robert Wallace

  • Climbing the knowledge pyramid: R&D programs at Oslo University College. Biblioteksarbejde 2004;14:221-238
  • – ; et al.. Developing the multicultural school library: Vahl primary school, Oslo. New Library World 2004;105(1204/1205):337-344
  • Open Access and Bakhtinian dialogism. In. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Electronic Publishing. Sofia, Bulgaria: University of Sofia 2006, p. 165-174
  • – ; et al.. Professional values in Norwegian librarianship . New Library World 2004;105(1200/1201):213-217
  • Vaagan, Robert Wallace. “The Digital Divide and Multiculturalism” . I: Hubregtse in Herdruk. Over romantische ironie, bibliofilie, informationgelijkheid en Sjaak Hubregtse. Amsterdam: Willem Lamberix Projectuitgeverej in samenwerking met her Instituut voor Media en Informatie Management aan de Hogeschool van Amsterdam 2005, p. 159-164
  • The LIS infoethical survival kit. Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly 2005;38(1):20-23
  • The Value of Professional Arts and Culture Performances in Norwegian Primary and Lower Secondary Schools: A Study of Den kulturelle skolesekk. In: Chldhoods2005. Program and Abstracts; 2005
  • Trends in Norwegian scholarly publishing. I: From Author to Reader. Challenges for the Digital Content Chain. Proceedings of the 2005 ELPUB Conference. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 8-10 June 2005. Leuven: Peeters Publishers 2005, p. 83-90
  • – ; Fogt, Anne; Sandvik, Margareth. Multicultural children, youth and the media in Norway. In: Childhoods2005. Program and abstracts
  • – ; Holm, Sigrid; et al.. Professional values in Norwegian librarianship. I: Coping with continual change – change management in SLIS. Proceedings of the European Association for Library and Information Education and Research (EUCLID) and the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) Joint Conference, Potsdam, Germany 31 July – 1 August 2003. Bradford: Emerald Group Publishing Limited 2005, p. 140-144
  • – ; Koehler, Wallace. Intellectual property rights vs. public access rights: ethical aspects of the DeCSS decryption program. Information research 2005;10
  • – ; Torras, Maria-Carme. Web Portals and Internationalization: A Survey of Norwegian Academic, Research and Special Libraries. In: IFLANET (; 2005
  • – ; Torras, Maria-Carme. Websites and internationalization. A survey of Norwegian academic, research and special libraries. Libri (Copenhagen) 2006;56(1):28-37

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