Monday, January 29, 2007

PL 4/07: Marketing through search engines

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Libraries are collections that are organized for retrieval. Barriers to retrieval defeat their social purpose. Since users frequent search engines, I find it reasonable to make library holdings visible through search engines.

When it comes to the efficient marketing of library services, OCLC is in front:

The Open WorldCat program makes records of library-owned materials in OCLC’s WorldCat database available to Web users on popular Internet search, bibliographic and bookselling sites, including Google, Yahoo! Search and Windows Live Academic.

Links to content in library collections—books, videos, serials, digital images and many other formats—appear alongside links to traditional Web content.

The result: WorldCat-participating libraries are more visible on the Web, and their collections are more accessible from the sites where many people start their search for information. Libraries get greater exposure to information-seekers and increased use of their online catalog, electronic content and other Web-based services.



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