Friday, April 22, 2005

Verba volent, scripta manent

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Spoken words blow with the wind – but what is written will remain.

Below I give links to texts in English that touch upon the topics we discussed during the visit to Romania:

  1. Enter the dragon. From print to web in library education. In Festschrift for Wanda Pindel, Jagiellonian University of Cracow, 2004.
  2. Wide enough for libraries? The library function in a web-based world. Paper for the conference Professional Information on the Internet, Cracow, 2004.
  3. Digital reference services. Teaching materials. Cracow 2004.
  4. Why is quality control so hard? Reference studies and reference quality in public libraries : the case of Norway. IFLA, Berlin, 2003.
  5. Why do you ask? Reference statistics for library planning. IFLA, Glasgow, 2002. Loooong …
  6. A poem lovely as a tree? Virtual reference questions in Norwegian public libraries. Conference paper 2001 – published 2005.
  7. Sink, swim or surf: The future of reference work in Norwegian public libraries. Conference paper 1997.

After the visit2 in 1972-73 I wrote one scientific article (in English), a small essay on Rumanian history and culture (in Norwegian) and a short review of a Romanian book in one of our national newspapers:

  1. Høivik, Tord. The Development of Romania: A Cohort Study, Journal of Peace Research, nr. 4, 1974.
  2. – . Rumanian essay (Rumensk essay). Samtiden.
  3. – . The year 2000 once again (År 2000 en gang til). Dagbladet, 1972. Review of Mircea Malita. Cronica anului 2000 (Editura Politica, Bucuresti 1969).

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